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As a homeowner, keeping your dehumidifier running at top performance should be a priority.  A dehumidifier is like a car; it needs regular maintenance to continue to operate at optimal levels.  Your dehumidifier requires maintenance every 6 months to continue to operate properly.  FES Dehumidifier Maintenance Program ensures your machine remains at tip-top performance.

Join today by filling out the form below and submitting the annual plan payment. You will automatically be enrolled in our Maintenance Program and FES will contact you to plan the first visit.

Maintenance Plan Benefits:

        • Enhanced system performance
        • Maintain best efficiency
        • Extended system lifespan
        • Prevents algae build-up in the drain line and condensation pump (if equipped). 
        • Routine filter replacement allowing maximum air flow and air changes per hour (ACH).,
        • Holds manufactures accountable to honor your warranty.
        • Crawlspace inspection
        • Increased air quality in the living space.
        • No overtime fees
        • No service call fee with repair
        • 10% discount on repairs (labor and parts) 

Maintenance – Dehumidifier                                                                                                $219/year


        • General crawlspace inspection:
          • Condition of the vapor barrier
          • Signs of water intrusion
          • Signs of animal intrusion
          • Signs of pipe leaks
        • Filter change
        • Flush drain lines
          • Add algae eating pan tablets
        • Wipe down unit
        • Check the function of the compressor and fan
        • Change batteries in remote sensor 2 times a year (homeowner to replace batteries in the base station to reset the system)
        • 2 visits per year (every 6 months)

Franklin Environmental Services is the number one choice for Dehumidifier Maintenance Programs in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and all of Middle Tennessee. Contact us today to get started.

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