High Risk Decontamination

Fentanyl and Xylazene Remediation

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FES Certified Bio Risk Level 5 – High Risk Decontamination Specialists

Franklin Environmental Services holds the highest certification available for high-risk decontamination.  This is above and beyond the base level Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaning IICRC certification. Ask us about our Microbial Warrior certifications.

The common substances that qualify for this level of expertise are: Fentanyl, Xylazene and Methamphetamine.  We can also effectively neutralize certain bloodborne pathogens that are extremely dangerous and contagious.  The difference between biological virus and bacteria, such as Anthrax, HIV, COVID or C-Dif, is they require disinfection rather than decontamination.  The proper process and chemicals used to ensure complete eradication are extremely important. The technique, equipment and chemical application to remediate have to be synchronized, one without the other is not effective.  You do not want an inexperienced cleaner to attempt to do these jobs.  You will not know if it has been deactivated or decontaminated.  Franklin Environmental Services has the training and knowledge to ensure a safe environment when we leave. Ask us about the products we use and why.

Questions you may not have known about trauma scenes:

      • Cross contamination can occur up to 72 sqft from the site of contamination? This means that anyone or anything that disrupts the immediate location can track this all over a home or building.
      • Did you know that a fly, referred to as a vector (they transfer matter), in this instance can contaminate anywhere in the subject location?  When there is a situation such as an unattended death, for any length of time, fly’s or rodents will spread contaminate throughout the structure.
      • Bleach Kills everything?  NO, when dealing with highly toxic and contagious matter you have to understand what is referred to as the kill log. This has to do with the time a product must stay on the matter and the degree of effectiveness to decontaminate.  Over the counter bleach will not decontaminate anything listed above.
      • A human body begins decomposition just minutes after death and the average body contains over 1 gallon of blood.

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