Radon Testing and Mitigation

Radon is a radioactive gas that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. This naturally occurring gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States (behind smoking), and testing is the only way to know if you and your family are at risk. The EPA and the Surgeon General recommend radon testing for all homes below the third floor. The latest studies show that 1 in 5 homes in the U.S. have elevated radon levels. What’s worse, there are no symptoms of radon exposure for up to a year. The only way to be safe is to have your home tested for radon.

Franklin Environmental Services will test for radon in your home, and then mitigate radon that is found. We are certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program and are experts in finding and eliminating this deadly gas.

Franklin Environmental Services is the number one choice for Radon Testing and Radon Mitigation in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin and all of Middle Tennessee. Contact us today to get started.

1/5 homes in the U.S. has elevated radon levels

Radon is estimated to be the cause of 21%
more deaths per year than drunk driving in the U.S.

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1/18/2023 | Christopher Highsmith
Free estimate with a follow up email detailing recommended service. Walked the house inside and out to give me ideas on potential air quality issues including the crawl. Happy with the work these guys did on remediation. They don’t oversell services like a lot of encapsulation companies.

10/1/2022 | Wei Wang
We had a basement with Radon level right below 4 (3.5 to 3.8). I was unsure whether I should implement a radon reduction in this basement to reduce to below 2. I talked with Keith, and he presented couple options and let me know how will approach this issue by first drilling a pilot hole and measure the airflow.
After his super professional and friendly team to implement the radon solution, now I am measuring at 0.8 in my basement!! I am so grateful that I have Keith’s team to help me on this, and now I can rest for sure in my basement without worrying about radon.

10/17/2021 | Tom D., Franklin, TN
Keith is very friendly and enjoyable to have around. Very knowledgeable and did great work for us. He is in high demand so be patient on getting on his schedule. It took a couple nudges to get him to lock in a day to install a radon mitigation system in our house. But I would not hesitate to call him again. Work was perfect, neat and very clean. Highly recommend.

8/14/2020 | P.C.
I would recommend Keith and FES to anyone. The radon mitigation system he installed for us took our radon levels from 20+ pCi/L to less than .5 pCi/L within hours. I am honestly amazed. Keith and his crew were very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and clean. He followed up with us along the way to make sure everything was as it should be and that we were satisfied. Again, I would not hesitate to recommend these fine folks.

02/03/2019 | Thomas M.
I had a significant potential issue with radon test results done by my home inspector that would have prevented closing on the purchase of my new home. I was able to get Keith/Franklin to come out quickly with two additional radon testing machines in order to get more data. Turned out my home inspector’s machine was in need of recalibration and was not reading accurately. Thanks to Keith, we were able to figure that out and proceed with the closing on my new home as planned.

01/24/2019 | Markus K.
Our home had a passive radon system installed when it was built. After purchasing a Corentium Home Radon Detector and testing for a couple of months, we found that our long-term readings averaged in the mid 4 pCis. Short-term readings varied daily, at times close to 7 pCi. Since action is advised above 4 pCi, we contacted Keith for a consultation. Keith was punctual and recommended that we turn our passive system into an active one. Keith did everything he could to ensure that our installation was properly completed. After installation, he tested the radon levels in our home. Not only did this validate our readings, it also ensured the fan was working properly. Keith was a pleasure to work with, and we would work with him again. The picture attached shows the readings before installation and over a month later based on our radon detector (which the numbers s/b slightly lower as calibrated against Keith’s radon detector).

11/15/2018 | Rob R.
I got a total of 4 estimates. He and his company very much impressed me with his thoroughness, professionalism and responsiveness. He will be my first choice for any work I need that his company does.

10/26/2018 | Donald M E.
Keith was prompt, courteous, and did an outstanding job. The work performed was performed timely and neat. I would HIGHLY recommend Franklin Environmental Services!

03/14/2018 | Jamie M.
Keith was extremely knowledgeable about his field and took the time to be sure I understood the work and the possible outcomes, including the additional costs should a single line not lower our radon levels to an acceptable range. He was professional, friendly, courteous, punctual, and honest, and his price was competitive. He and his team did an expert job in a very reasonable time frame. I would hire him again without hesitation and do refer him to friends and family who are looking for radon and mold mitigation.

10/17/2017 | John B.
Keith and Luis were amazing. Got work done very quickly with nothing left for me to clean up whatsoever.

09/18/2017 | Rudy M.
Keith is very knowledgeable in this field. His very excellent team does the work, but he is there to ensure things are done right. Not the cheapest, but I felt like the best. Was accommodating when we had to move the basement radon exhaust pipe to a different location. Would definitely use again.

05/23/2017 | Gary G.
Timely and fair estimation of cost. Work was also done promptly. Luis and James were very professional and did an excellent job installing the system. All interactions with management were great. Some of the nicest people I have dealt with in a very long time.

5/2/2017 | Chris A., Hendersonville, TN
Quick and clear communication. Fair pricing. Easy to understand but also detailed report on home radon testing. Would certainly recommend FES!

09/24/2016 | Meghan L.
Keith and his crew are fantastic. Our levels were over 40 pCi/L and we were concerned our radon levels were too high to be fixed. We had another radon mitigation company out to give us an estimate before we talked to Keith and they told us ours was probably just too high to be fixed, which is horrible news for a homeowner to hear. But Keith assured us that it could be fixed, and he would keep working on our house until he got it below 4 pCi/L, so we went with him, and I am so thankful we did. Ours was not an easy job – despite the high radon levels themselves, we have an old house built over a dirt cellar which is full of nooks and crannies. They installed a vapor barrier over the entire space plus the radon mitigation system, and after about a week of work our number fell to below 2 pCi/L. Keith and his crew are top notch and we will recommend them to anyone who needs radon mitigation!

06/29/2016 | Robert P.
Keith was great to work with. Our radon levels were far above the recommended 4.0 or less. After the radon vent pipe was installed, our levels were averaging 0.4. I was very happy with the service and the price of the work.

04/24/2016 | Thomas R.
Loved working with this company. Very professional from beginning to end. Came out to house, took a look, explained process, fit me into schedule so we could be done before closing on house, followed through in every way. It was a real pleasure working with such a professional staff.

11/12/2015 | Cherie C., Nashville, TN
Keith Rocks! If you are looking for the BEST Radon and Mold Service, you have found him! He goes above and beyond what is expected! He is reasonable and does an excellent job!! I highly recommend him!

08/10/2015 | Daniel T.
It went well. Mr. Phillips came to our home at the appointed time and placed a monitor that measured radon in the air. He told us that it needed to be in place for around 72 hours. At the end of the test, he returned and downloaded the data for us and showed us that we did not require mediation. He followed up with a written report in about a week. An inexpensive way to get a bit of peace of mind.

07/24/2015 | Mark A.
Keith and his team were very professional and completed quality work. The installation effort was delayed due to rain, which prevented some aspects of the job from occurring. The team was very flexible in accommodating our schedule to finish portions of the job that had not been able to be completed due to weather. Hard workers with great results!

05/30/2015 | Brett H.
We were very pleased with Keith’s work. He gave us a very detailed quote in person, explaining everything that would be done (we called one company who would only give us a quote via email and would not explain anything). He and his crew worked hard and got done in 2 days. He even took extra junk to the dump for us. He was able to reduce the radon level well below 2, which was great. The only thing is that Keith is very busy and was sometimes hard to get in touch with, but that wasn’t really a big deal. Would definitely recommend him.

03/17/2015 | Nick V.
If there were a letter grade higher than A, then we’d give them that! This was a great experience, with great results. The owner, Keith Phillips–who was on the job the whole time–was extremely knowledgeable, informative, helpful, patient, flexible…and seemed like a great guy, to boot. Same for his hard-working crew. They took their time, completed a good-looking installation, and cleaned up afterwards. The Radon level in our basement rec room before the installation was a little over 7 pCi/L (picocuries per liter); the EPA recommends that mitigation be implemented for anything over 4 pCi/L. After Keith & crew finished, our level is now an average of 1.2 pCi/L… which is *well* under the red line. We’re really happy with that result; it was well worth the cost. Best of all, we can now stop worrying about spending time in our rec room, which we’re in the process of remodeling. We whole-heartedly recommend this team. A++ (or whatever comes before A!)

01/23/2015 | Chris B.
Keith showed up on time to answer all of our questions and was very thorough in his explanation of what could be done. He is extremely knowledgeable and one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I would not hesitate to contact him for anything in the future.

01/03/2015 | David G.
I highly recommend Keith to help with any radon problem. I had levels in my finished basement that varied widely but seemed to average 7 or greater and wanted to bring that level down to at least below 4. Keith started promptly and his crew was always professional. The important thing to note, however, is that it wasn’t an easy job and Keith didn’t give up. He first did the usual tests, dug a pit in the garage side of the basement, and installed the system to draw air from under the concrete slab. That ordinarily would have been the complete job. However, the follow-up tests showed little reduction in the radon level. He came back and replaced the original fan with a high-suction model. Still no reduction in radon. He came back and dug a second pit in the finished (living area) side of the basement. Still no reduction. By this time, I was concerned that a solution wouldn’t be possible, and I would never feel comfortable using the finished basement as living space. (Keith guaranteed his work and wasn’t going to charge anything if the radon levels were not brought down to below 4, but I needed it fixed.) Keith brought in a colleague from another company, and they spent considerable time investigating points through which radon might be entering the basement. They decided it was getting in through the system that runs along the perimeter of the basement to keep water from entering the basement. Keith returned and was able to seal that system, tap into it, and draw air out of it. This resulted in radon levels around 1. Even though the amount of time and materials significantly exceeded what was to be expected, the charge did not change from the original quoted amount. I am extremely pleased and appreciative of Keith’s persistence and the outcome achieved. It was well worth every cent. Again, I highly recommend Keith if you have an issue with radon.

07/13/2014 | Rachael P.
I cannot say enough good things about Keith and his team at Franklin Environmental. They came and gave me an estimate in a timely manner and started work quickly after that. I spoke with a couple of different companies prior to going with FES and they were by far the most detailed in their explanation of how they were going to do the work I was looking for. Because I have such an old house, getting the radon level down proved to be a bit of a challenge but they kept coming until the level was down throughout the house (a lot of companies make sure the level is acceptable on the 1st living floor, but Keith kept working until he got it down everywhere). He also did some random fix-it’s in the basement and was more than happy to install a dryer vent to the outside of the house when I asked. I feel like I can rest easy knowing this job was done correctly and I would highly recommend Keith and his team to anyone in need of these services.

06/22/2014 | Gary S.
Very fast to quote and scheduled very quickly. We had Radon in a home that had a walkout basement, and they were able to install the tube/fan into the slab and up through two stories with minimal impact. The crew was thorough and cleaned up well. If I had a Radon problem, I would use them again.

06/02/2014 | Ann W.
The radon detection system in my house (already installed when I bought the house ten years ago) suddenly began making a loud roaring sound. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I found this company on Angi’s list. Keith checked on it the very next day, had the necessary fan in stock, and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. He was courteous and cooperative in all my conversations with him. I’d definitely use this company again.

05/02/2014 | John O.
I found Keith on Angie’s list and was impressed with his reviews. Previously I had a couple contractors review the project and it was not until I met Keith that I was comfortable in proceeding. I instantly felt that he was honest, knowledgeable, detailed orientated and wanted me to be 100% satisfied with the outcome of the project. These attributes were present through the entire project. I was 100% satisfied with the finished project. Our Radon levels are a fraction of the recommended federal levels and I have a crawlspace that is as clean as anyone’s living room and air that is noticeably fresh.

01/29/2014 | Jake B.
We live in a Botsko custom built home and Keith and his team went out of their way to even remediate things that were not in their control (e.g., uneven dirt and rock surface in the crawl space). They took the radon levels down to less than 50% of the mandated federal levels WITHIN EVEN THE CRAWL SPACE. I can’t say enough about the diligence, attention to detail, thorough testing of the environment below and within the home using advanced equipment when complete. Outstanding business owner of high integrity and dedication.

12/02/2013 | David K.
I talked to Keith several times about radon level in the house and eventually decided to add a fan to the passive system that the builder had installed. He was able to add the fan very quickly and left a monitoring device to check the radon level after the fan was in use. He came back 10 days later to add support to the vent pipe (at no additional charge) that had sagged enough to trap condensation in the piping.

10/22/2013 | Ken C.
We had our house tested for Radon (home inspector) when we bought it and the results indicated that we were above the EPA recommended action level. We called Keith who promptly returned our call. We scheduled an appointment for him to evaluate the house a couple days later. He answered all questions we had about the system/options relevant for our house during the visit. The next day we had a quote (very fair price based on a quick search for the solution we were looking at). We then had work scheduled within a few days. Once they started they finished the work in one stretch. Radon was significantly reduced in the “after” measurement. Throughout the whole process Keith was always responsive, always on time, always cleaned up the work site. There was no pre-payment for anything. (In fact, the arrival of the bill is the slowest part of the process!) Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs a radon system.

07/10/2013 | Anthony A.
We were surprised by higher than EPA recommended readings for Radon during the inspection process of selling our home. I found FES on Angie’s List. Keith was the only person out of several companies I contacted that called me back. He promptly setup up an appt to assess our situation and provided a quote with several level of options. He guaranteed me positive results. Keith and his team arrived quickly as my situation was time critical. They completed the job in one day and final testing was done asap over the next 3 days (24 hr mandatory wait, then 48 hrs testing). My results came in way under the allowed levels. Keith is the owner and also personally did the work, not just supervised. These guys worked hard. The quality of the work was excellent. Keith is extremely professional and is an expert on mold and radon mitigation. His prices were excellent for the quality and results. His confidence was comforting during a stressful time of our home sale. CALL KEITH AT FES FIRST!

06/24/2013 | Fay R.
Keith was very professional, punctual and courteous. I was given 4 options with 4 prices. I chose the heavier 12 mil vapor barrier which was more expensive but also heavier duty. After installation, testing was done to show the level reduced to a safe standard. Cleanup work was very efficient, even removing and disposing of old things left under the house over the years. We were very pleased with all aspects of the work. I rate this company top-notch and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

05/29/2013 | Cherie C.
He is giving me several different options to help me rid the Radon in my house. He came on time and knew exactly what he was doing. Just in passing I told him my i couldn’t get my dryer vent hooked up and he took it upon himself to do it for me! He could not be nicer and more professional!!!! Will probably be using him for my work and will recommend him to everyone!!!

05/28/2013 | Helen Y.
Keith arranged with my realtor to drop off the machine 2 days prior to my home inspections. He was prompt and professional. Provided an overview of the test and his experience in the area which I was moving to. He explained the test results and provided a written report the next day. I would use him again and highly recommend his service.

12/31/2012 | Lynn C.
I like using locally owned businesses – they have a more vested interest in customer satisfaction. We were very pleased with Keith’s professionalism and would definitely recommend him to others in need of this service. I can’t comment on competitive pricing – we liked Keith and trusted him immediately so didn’t shop around which is not typical for us. The Radon level tested lower after installing the vents. We’ll test again in the spring when Radon levels are usually higher and see how we’re doing.

12/27/2012 | Katie S.
Very honest and informed on his trade. Quoted a Radon system – could not install it in my home due to some limitations on construction. But was honest and did not just take my money and “promise” a better outcome than he could guarantee.

12/06/2012 | Suzanne B.
Radon levels were eliminated, and venting was carefully installed through a rooftop exit to ensure an attractive appearance. My moisture levels and air quality of the house are much better, and the basement is much cleaner and appealing to use for the storage space I needed. Franklin Environmental was very helpful in working with me to keep the price down while maintaining great quality. I cleaned out the basement to make it go more quickly for them, and Keith was careful to make a functional and attractive system. Thank you!

11/26/2012 | Chris C.
I needed to have my house tested for Radon. I found this company on Angie’s List, and first talked with the owner (Keith) on the phone about coming out to do a Radon test in my home. He was very punctual, very knowledgeable, and easy to talk with. He explained in detail how the testing equipment worked and answered my numerous questions about Radon. After the testing equipment sat in my home for a couple of days, Keith came back to give me the results and pick up the equipment. Luckily the Radon levels were very low, and I didn’t need to have anything else done to remedy any Radon problems. He also checked the crawl space underneath the house for mold. Keith is a very honest professional who I would recommend to anyone needing their home checked for Radon or mold issues. My thanks to him for all his great expertise!

10/19/2012 | Samuel R.
Our basement radon levels steadily increased over several years, to the point where the EPA advises mitigation. I contacted Franklin Environmental Services, and the experience could not have been better. Keith was exceptionally conscientious and went above and beyond to reduce the levels in our basement. It was a challenging project given that our house it built on a great deal of rock and features underground water currents as well. The price did not increase even as new challenges arose. Should our radon levels not remain at the low levels they are now at, Keith will return and fix the system at no extra charge.