The majority of houses in Williamson County, Davidson County, and the greater Middle Tennessee area have dirt floor crawlspaces. This allows everything from insects, rodents, as well as mold and radon to enter the first floor. The first floor of your home contains 50% of the crawlspace air pollution.

Other problems from a bare crawlspace include:

  • Cold floors in winter, uncomfortable humidity in the summer
  • Breathing difficulties like asthma, minor allergies, and more severe lung infections
  • Elevated cooling and heating costs
  • Decreased life of ducts and HVAC units
  • Condensation on the ductwork, water pipes, insulation, truss plates and air conditioning equipment
  • Decay of the structure, rotting floorboards, windowsills, and joists, windows and doors will become stuck and hardwood
  • Floors can buckle

Having your crawlspace encapsulated and a humidity barrier put in place can solve all of these issues! Franklin Environmental Services helps regulate the air inside your home from the ground up. Creating a vapor barrier is the key to creating a healthy atmosphere in your home.

Nashville, Franklin, Nolensville, and the rest of the Middle Tennessee area experiences moisture nearly year round. Your crawlspace contains insulation, but this only helps to trap moisture in next to the wood, which leads to a number of issues. When you have Franklin Environmental Service encapsulate your crawlspace, we take care of the whole issue.

Once the crawlspace is cleared of any dangerous toxins, heavy-duty plastic sheeting covers the dirt flooring. Upon completion of your encapsulated crawlspace, you and your family will breathe easier every day. Additionally, adding a vapor barrier at the source dramatically reduces “sick home syndrome” and keeps your family safe and healthy for decades.

Installing a vapor barrier in the crawlspace or basement of your home will prevent further damage from mold and insects. This barrier will control the amount of moisture under your home so it will not reach the main living space. Encapsulating your crawlspace will also control the humidity, which helps prevent mold and mildew from forming.